This is Andrew Vetter’s person website. The intention of the website is to showcase my achievements, projects, and blog. I like to think of this website as a casual resume or linkedIn. I hope this website show’s a more personal element of myself then my other public profiles.

This website is being hosted on Digital Ocean. If you would like to check out the project for this server and website please see server project and Website project.


What’s new with Andrew?

I just finished my Spring semester of my Junior year at NDSU. I have 2 more semesters at NDSU left. I have been working part time at JDES in the Software Department over the school year. This summer I will keep working with JDES but as a full time intern. I am happy with my internship with JDES and plan to be with them until I graduate. In December I joined the Displays and Telematics group and have been working on linux development using Yocto, Jenkins, git, and vim. I’ve learned a lot about bash scripting and documentation so far.

~Andrew updated June 11th, 2019

You can find more updates on my blog.

Why Scientific Pineapple?

People have asked why Scientific Pineapple for the name of my website. The reason is it sounds cliché to call it AndrewVetter.com or anything else along those lines that people use for a professional website. Plus I had a good friend that made this logo for me and the image goes perfectly with the title. It also allows me to have a theme for my website which you don’t easily get.