The goal of this project was to update a previous senior design project that was being used by a pharmacy graduate. The project was to create a custom spectroscopy device that took readings at custom intervals, create a reliable circuit design that produced minimal noise, create a graphic user interface to allow none technical people ease of use, and about a dozen other things because 3 to 5 graduate students were working with the device.

My contributions to the project were minimal but that was because I learned a lot. I added a couple of features to allow for taking measurements on intervals from every 30 minutes to 24 hours. I redesigned the previous circuits and modeled new PCBs to allow for a reduction in noise, making the LED PCB modular to work with 4 different LEDs, and added mounting holes. I also helped connect the device with an online service in order to see the data live anywhere on the internet.

The Github repo is private so I can’t share all of my updates easily but below I have downloads for the paper and poster the used at the Rocky Mountain Biomedical conference.

DownLoad the Poster and Paper

Items I learned:

  • C
  • Basic Pyhton
  • Circuit Design
  • KiCAD

Timeline: September 2016 to May 2017

Partners/contributors: Ryan Striker, Christopher Weberg, Stacy Staab, Branden Kaste, Meredith Schroeder, Raquib Hasan, Jordan Nodland,

Teachers/mentors: Amanda E. Brooks, Ben D. Brooks, Daniel L. Ewert