The project is to create a personal website to display my projects, career history and goals, blog, and anything else I feel like.

The website is hosted on a Digital Ocean.


First Attempt

I tried creating the website using basic HTML and css. To me this seemed like a great opportunity to learn HTML/CSS and how to build a classic website.

This proved to be more work than I wanted because it required me to learn very proper and dynamic html for mobile and desktop website. This was more of a headache than I wanted and all I really cared about was filling in my content.

Second Attempt

This time the site was built using sphinx and with the bootstrap theme.

The repo for this attempt: Repo

This issue with sphinx is that it’s great for documentation but didn’t provide a super customizable way for me to tweak the html after the fact. Also the Html it generated was very structured which is great for Documentation not so much for my personal website.

Third Attempt

Hopefully this is the last time I have to re-architect the website. This time around I used a static site generator Hugo. This provided a really easy and clean wait to build website.

3rd attempt update

I am really liking Hugo! It has enabled me to quickly bootstrap a website with the customizability I want.

The repo for the website: Scipi-site

The repo with the site theme: Scipi-site-theme

Items I learned:

  • Python
  • Sphinx Documentation
  • hugo static site generator


  • Building the website: October 2017 to Present
  • Maintaining the website: October 2017 to Present

Partners/contributors: Thor Hanson